The Crafting of Eli the Wild

Eli is the first doll that I made with a fabric body instead of a needle felted body. S/he was such a joy to create. My intention with this new technique is to emulate, more closely, my illustrations. I’ve never felt (no pun intended) that needle felted bodies properly capture the intended texture for some of my creatures. 

One of the elements that needle felting fails to capture is the visible stitching on the onesies that so many Mysterious Others wear. I love to stitch and mend by hand. I have a deep fondness for the crust punk/train hopper aesthetic and this is expressed very subtly in my work. 

While I love stitching and mending, I can’t say that I’m the best at constructing actual little pieces of clothing. 😅 In fact, the accuracy and technical precision required for doing it well is... giving me a headache just thinking about it! Even when I’m doing my very best at taking measurements and doing the maths, I STILL MESS UP! Ha ha! Luckily, the little outfits I’ve made so far ha e given me lots of room for err. 
In the end, I’m super happy with how Eli turned out. I learned so much in the process and Eli’s sweet and playful personality cheered me on the whole time. 


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